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Custom Product
 200 900 061
 3222 3370 38 - Hydraulic Pump

Epiroc Hydraulic Pump

  • Delkom No : 200 900 061
  • Epiroc No : 3222 3370 38
Estimated Delivery Time 1-2 Week
Custom Product
 160 100 180
 TD51 - Back-Up Ring

Soosan Back-Up Ring

  • Delkom No : 160 100 180
  • Soosan No : TD51
Estimated Delivery Time 1-2 Week
Custom Product
 120 800 874
 3222 3302 83 - Overcenter Valve

Epiroc Overcenter Valve

  • Delkom No : 120 800 874
  • Epiroc No : 3222 3302 83
Estimated Delivery Time 1-2 Week
Custom Product
 110 800 134
 613 389 18 - PIN

Sandvik PIN

  • Delkom No : 110 800 134
  • Sandvik No : 613 389 18
Estimated Delivery Time 1-2 Week
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Rock Drill Drifter Spare Parts
Rock Drill Drifter Spare Parts
Rock Drill Spare Parts
Rock Drill Spare


Delkom manufactures all spare parts of underground and surface rock drilling machines in original quality with its large production line in its high-tech equipped factory. It offers a comprehensive range of spare parts equivalent to those of Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Epiroc, Tamrock, Sandvik, Mine master, Montabert, Komatsu and Furukawa, as well as drifter spare parts, hydraulic motors and pumps, compressors, filters, gearboxes, transmission reductors, diesel engines, crawler track units and electrical components. Manufacturing durable and high-performance spare parts, Delkom continues to ship worldwide on a daily basis. Delkom maintains a stock of approximately 15,000 spare parts. In addition to its strong warehouse infrastructure that appeals to different sectors, it carries out all periodical maintenance & repair operations in a short time with its experienced and qualified team in line with the demands of its customers.

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flexiroc t35
HCR 1200 DS

Epiroc Boltec 235, Boomer L2D, Epiroc Simba S7D, Cabletec M , Epiroc Boomer M2C-SP, Epiroc Boomer S1D, Simba M7C Rock Drill Spare Parts

Sandvik Ranger 700, Sandvik Dx800, Sandvik Tiger DG810, Sandvik Commando DC120 , Sandvik Leopard DI550, Sandvik Pantera DP1500i Rock Drill Spare Parts

Furukawa Hcr 9, Furukawa Hcr 12, Furukawa Hcr 1200-DS, Furukawa Hcr 1500-EDII, Furukawa Hcr Furukawa 1600-ED, Hcr 1800 Rock Drill Spare Parts

Axera 7, Sandvik DD421, Sandvik Jumbo DS311, Sandvik Jumbo DL421, Sandvik Jumbo DU411, Sandvik Jumbo DT821, Rock Drill Spare Parts

Boomer 282
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Epiroc MD20, COP RD22S, COP SC25X-HE, COP 1132, COP 1638HD, COP 1838HD, COP 1840+, COP 2238HD+, COP 2560, COP 3060MEX, COP 4038, COP 4050MEX, COP 5060CR Rock Drill Spare

Sandvik H200, Sandvik HF820T, Sandvik HFX5T, Sandvik HL300, Sandvik HL510T, HL600, HL710, Sandvik HL810T, HL1010, HL1560T, HLX5, RD520, RD900, RDX5 Rock Drill Drifter Spare Parts

Furukawa HD210, Furukawa HD300, HD500, HD609, Furukawa HD612, HD615, HD709, HD712, HD715, ingersoll rand YH70, ingersoll rand YH80A, HD818, HD828, HD836 Rock Drill Drifter Spare Parts

Montabert HC25, HC40, HC50, HC80RP, HC95LM, Montabert HC109LRP, HC112, Montabert HC120RP, Montabert HC150RP, HC158RP, Montabert HC160RP, HC170, HC200 Rock Drill Drifter Parts

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Rotation Unit Spare Parts, DHR 6HU Repair and Maintenance, Rock drill DHR 6HU Rotation Unit, DHR 45H-1 Rock Drill, DHR 45H-2 Rock Drill Spare Parts, DHR 48H56-2 Spare Parts

Atlas Copco Top Hammer, SmartRoc D60 DHR 6W Series, DHR 6W Drilling Equipment, DHR 48H56-3 Spare Parts, DHR 48H56-6 Rock Drill Spare Parts, DHR 48H68-2 Spare Parts

PowerRoc D55 DHR 6RC Series, DHR 6RC End Piece, DHR 6RC Gear Housing, DHR 48RC Spare Parts, DHR 48H68-1 Spare Parts, DHR 48H68-6 Spare Parts, DHR 48H45-2 Spare Parts

FlexiRoc D60 DHR 6H Series, DHR 6H Rotasyon Spindle, DHR 6H Rotation Unit Gear Wheel, DHR 48H56-1 Spare Parts, DHR 48H68-3 Spare Parts, DHR 48H45-1 Spare Parts

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  • Tamrock Rock Drill Spare Parts
  • Furukawa Rock Drill Spare Parts
  • Komatsu Rock Drill Spare Parts
  • Montabert Drill Spare Parts
  • Mine master Jumbo Spare Parts
  • Resemin Jumbo Spare Parts
  • Everdigm Rock Drill Spare Parts
  • Soosan / Junjin Rock Drill Spare Parts

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